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Training, Workshops & Retreats

“Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.”  
 Winston Churchill

Making Succession Work

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Attend our workshop on succession planning November 20, from 9-3:30 in downtown Seattle. This will provide a hands-on way to reflect on where your own planning stands, and learn some practical approaches to address the inevitable challenges. Attendees will leave the event having identified concrete next steps specific to their business, and with usable tools for better addressing this critical need. This event will be most useful for firms that are early in their succession planning, or who are encountering some unexpected difficulties, and is best suited for owners and high-level executives. The workshop will be led by Precedent's Michelle Heyne and Laurie Nichols of Succession Planning with Heart. Joining us will be attorney John Carr of Carr Butterfield, LLC.  

Workshops for Compliance Staff

Training in analysis and application of compliance principles. We work with employees to understand the requirements and implement them appropriately in light of your firm’s policies, procedures and culture. Individual or group training available.

Communication & Conflict Management

Skills training for supervisors and employees. We teach basic conflict management principles and help participants learn new ways of navigating difficult situations, beginning with an accurate assessment of what the problem is and the best way to approach it. The goal is to keep conflict–which is inevitable in any organization–at manageable levels and avoid either paralysis or escalation.

Workshops for Financial Advisors

Half-day workshop focused on identifying ideal clients, clarifying services and competitive advantage, and aligning strategy with practice. Where the firm is able to provide appropriate revenue data, we may also include a review of profitability metrics.

Team Retreats

For executive teams, or firm departments. Work through process improvement or other business problems with the assistance of a skilled consultant. Take the necessary time to build connections among team members and focus effectively on strategic direction. Provides structured assistance to address communication issues, trust development, and conflict management. Learn methods for thinking more strategically as a group while developing consensus about future direction. The use of a trained third-party, such as Precedent, is particularly important when trying to improve overall performance and remove long-standing obstacles to success.

Ethics Workshop

Experiential workshop focused on developing personal responsibility for ethical behavior. This is not a superficial presentation of “good” behaviors versus “bad” behaviors, or a simple exhortation to “do the right thing.” Rather, the workshop helps participants identify the main areas where ethical issues arise and develop competence in naming the dilemma and determining a way forward. It focuses on the difficult choices that confront financial services professionals every day. Includes case studies, skills training, and opportunities to reflect on the participant’s own experience and consider how ethical issues might be handled differently in the future.