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Getting the Right People in the Roles
Waterfall Strategies was two years old and growing fast. They’d left a wirehouse and brought a loyal client base and significant assets to the new entity. They also recognized they had a whole new set of new responsibilities in terms of running the business as a business. A year earlier they’d tapped one of their younger advisors to serve as......Read More

Growth to a New Scale
Pamela and her brother Dan had a small partnership that grew into a firm of over 100 people. They had always wanted a flat organization, but they knew they couldn’t have that number of employees reporting directly to them, so over time they wound up with several layers of management. There were other problems, though, they didn’t see co......Read More

Transition at the Top
Over the last 20 years, Kathy had created a profitable advisory firm that provided its niche clientele with extraordinary service. Though she sometimes felt a little burdened by being the sole owner and executive officer, she had successfully transitioned many of her clients to other relationship managers. She enjoyed her team and valued the f......Read More